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Invisalign Fit Appointment

The day has arrived - fitting your Invisalign!

Invisalign Fit Appointment

On the day where we fit your Invisalign, we will start by bonding your attachments to your teeth (small 'bobbles' made of white filling material). These help Invisalign move your teeth with incredible precision and are removed at the end of treatment.

We will then give these a polish and we move onto the next step which is called IPR. IPR stands for 'interproximal reduction' and is essentially a tiny bit of trimming in between a few teeth using a special piece of thin sandpaper. We generally remove a maximum of 0.5mm between teeth, just to give us enough wiggle room to move the teeth. We sometimes split this trimming between a few appoints.

Next we will fit your aligners and go through your goody bag!

You will get
1. Your aligners (numbered by week)
2. Chewies (every time you insert your aligners, chew on this 20 times to squeeze out saliva and air which gets trapped underneath and ensure an excellent fit)
3. Cheek retractors (to help you take photo's on the Invisalign Virtual Care Platform)
4. Invisalign case
5. Invisalign cleaning crystals

We will go through how to take your aligners in and out and your journey to a new, beautiful smile has begun!

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