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Invisalign Completion

Invisalign treatment completed! What's next?

Invisalign Completion

That's it! Your Invisalign journey is complete and you have a beautiful, straight smile!

So what's next?

At this stage you will come in and we will assess your final result. If we agree on a few final tweaks, we will take a few more photo's and another digital scan and send them off to Invisalign for a couple of refinement aligners. These generally take 3-4 weeks to arrive.

If everything is looking perfect then we will remove the attachments (bobbles) from your teeth.

To perfect the edges and contours of your newly straightened teeth we may choose to carry out either composite bonding or ceramic veneers. We will go through the pros and cons and plan this now.

Next we will make your retainers!

You must wear retainers for life and will be given a choice of night-time removable retainers only, or a bonded retainer (bonded wire at the back of your teeth) AND night-time removable retainers. It's best to have both where possible but your oral hygiene must be fantastic!

You will come back in a couple of weeks to have them fitted and your dream smile is yours!

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