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  1. Aligners must be worn 20-22 hours/day, except when eating and brushing. Invisalign only works when you are wearing your aligners.  If you do not wear them at least 20 hours per day they simply will not work; or even worse, inconsistent wear can cause unwanted movements, misalignment and bite problems.

  2. Aligner movements are very precise and the trays must be worn in sequence.Each aligner is numbered, (#1, #2, etc.) - do not skip or go back to an earlier tray.

  3. If you lose an aligner, please call us for instructions specific to your case for your next step

  4. Attachments will be bonded to your teeth. Although uncommon, If an attachment falls off between visits, you do not need to come in urgently to have it replaced. Please inform us that this has occurred by telephone.

  5. Be sure to store your aligners in their case when not being worn so they won’t be bent or lost. Keep them away from pets, especially dogs, who are often aligner eaters!

  6. Clean aligners by carefully brushing them with cool water and dish soap (see instructions below)

  7. Only drink cool water with the aligners in your mouth.You cannot eat, chew gum, smoke or drink hot beverages if the aligners are in your mouth

  8. Please be sure to keep your scheduled appointments- regular visits are necessary to track progress, keep treatment on schedule.

  9. Always wear your aligner to your appointment.This is how Dr. Prinja track’s your treatment progress. If you don’t have your aligners with you when you come in, we cannot see you and you will need to be reschedule your appointment.

  10. Always send weekly photos via the Invisalign Virtual Care Platform


Once you start your Invisalign treatment, we will see you approximately every 8 weeks to monitor your progress.


During your visit Dr. Prinja will closely monitor tooth movement by how WELL each aligner is "tracking", meaning the aligners are fitting properly on your teeth with no visible gaps between the edge of your teeth and the tray, fully engaged with no rocking


When you are finished wearing your current tray it should "fit like a glove” (like in photo's #1 and #2), but if you haven’t been diligent about wearing your aligners EXACTLY as instructed, your treatment will fall behind, as displayed by the tray not fitting as in #3 and #4 below.



Trust the process: The aligners are custom-designed by Dr. Prinja to gradually straighten your teeth.  If you wear them 22 hours per day and come in as scheduled to monitor your progress an amazing new smile is in your future!

Use the case:  Always put your aligners FACE DOWN AND RINSED in their case when they are not in your mouth.  Not using the case and wrapping your aligner in a napkin is the most common reason aligners break and are lost.

Keep it clean:  To keep you aligners sparkling clear and odor free they should be washed each day with cool water and clear dish soap. Wash them gently and be careful not to bend the tray. When possible brush or rinse your teeth before putting your Invisalign in after meals.

Man’s best friend?  Yep. Pets, especially dogs, find the aligners irresistible and are common aligner thieves and love to destroy and chew Invisalign aligners.  Be sure to keep them out of reach of your best friend.

Track your progress:  When you are finished with one tray it should be completely adapted to your teeth with no visible gaps between the edge of your teeth and the tray, fully seated with no rocking.


Don’t rush the process:  It may be tempting to move on to the next aligner; especially if your current set feels loose. Tooth movement with Invisalign is not a “no pain, no gain” process.  If the aligner is in your mouth it is working and you may not feel it.  This is the beauty of Invisalign. PLEASE be sure to wear the aligner for the length of time Dr. Prinja has instructed you to.  By taking shortcuts you can damage the progress already made and lengthen your treatment

NOT dishwasher safe:  Hot temperature will ruin your aligner.  Never use hot water to clean your aligner or put them in the dishwasher.  The same goes for drinking hot drinks which can distort the aligner as well or leaving them in direct sunlight

Be careful: Aligners are fragile and must be handled with care.

Do not bite them into place-this is known to bend the aligner so it won’t fit

Twisting the aligner when putting them in or taking them out will cause them to tear and lose their effectiveness. When removing them remember to dislodge them from both sides in the back. Then remove gently using both hands

Don’t use toothpaste or other abrasive items to clean your aligners.

NO smoking: Do not smoke with your aligners in.  Smoking, eating and or drinking anything other than water will badly stain your sparkling clear aligners

Smelly saliva?: Yes your own saliva can make the aligners dirty and smell.  When storing the aligners in the case be sure they are rinsed and face down to drain. 

By following these simple measures, your aligners will sparkle and stay in great shape throughout treatment with perfectly straight teeth as the result.


Caring for your aligners is pretty simple:

  • Clean the Invisalign daily using cool water and colorless dish soap (not toothpaste) being sure to support the aligner so it doesn’t bend/break

  • Rinse or preferably brush your teeth before putting your aligner in after meals

  • Always store the aligners in a case (never a napkin or your pocket) after rinsing out any saliva and face down to drain

  • Keep your aligner away from pets

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